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At Meriden Pawn shop, we understand that sometimes good people experience bad financial problems. Our goal is to help the people in our community get past the difficult times and back on their feet. Whether you are buying or selling gold, silver, jewelry, musical equipment, tools, or any other items, we treat our customers with courtesy and respect and have a strong reputation for paying some of the highest pawn prices in CT.

Meriden Pawn has helped the people of Meriden, Wallingford, Berlin, Middletown, Southington, Hartford, New Haven, and other CT towns and cities for over 15 years. In addition, we are well known for our honesty, integrity, and service in the Meriden, CT community.

Many of our local and long distance clients have come back to buy and sell from us because they know that they can get the most money for the gold and silver and other items that they want to sell and save the most money on those special items that they are looking to buy. We buy and sell nothing but the best quality gold, diamonds, jewelry and other items because we have our community in mind. We buy from you with care and we sell to you with care. We are your community store.



Gold is the most highly valued metal known to man. This may be because of its rarity;
it may be because of its gorgeous yellow hue or brilliant shine. It may be because gold is the most malleable and ductile metal on Earth. Or the reason it is worth so much to us could be that we once used it to create the coins in our currency. Today we have different uses for Gold. In America, we use 10% of the gold mined each year for industry and 40% for investment. The other 50% of gold mined each year is used to create jewelry.

What very few Americans know is that, though we don't use gold to create currency any longer, gold in any form (especially jewelry, which can be melted down easily) still has a high monetary value. The buying and selling of gold is still a very popular business; this is good because this means there are many gold buyers available for gold sellers to choose from.

However, many of these gold buyers will simply take your jewelry and other gold, weigh it, give you a price, and take your gold in exchange for cash. Although these days almost everyone owns gold or gold jewelry, very few people know about the differences between the types of gold. For instance, gold can be bought and sold as 8 carat, 10 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat, 22 carat, and 24 carat gold. Even more important is the fact that very fewer people know what these differences mean in terms of selling your gold.

There may not be a lot places one can go to find out the quality and true value of the different kinds of jewelry. Luckily, you can find everything you need to know between this site and our store.

Gold, like other metals, is measured on a scale of purity known as millesimal fineness. This scale goes from number 0 to 999.99, though the minimal millesimal fineness scale number accepted in America is 333, which we call 8 carat gold. Millesimal fineness is a mathematical equation used to denote the purity of gold, by measuring parts per thousand of pure compared to alloy "fillers" like copper, silver and nickel. Gold with a lower millesimal fineness number (such as 333, also known as 8 carat gold) has a lower concentration of pure gold in it. Gold with a higher millesimal fineness number (such as 999.99, also known as 24 carat gold) has a higher concentration of pure gold in it. 24 carat gold, with a millesimal fineness number of 999.99, is the purest gold available and therefore holds a higher value.

For sellers, all this information means that gold with a higher carat number will sell for a higher price. If a buyer weighs your 8 carat earring with your 24 carat necklace and gives you one blanket price for both pieces of jewelry, it is probably time to seek another buyer. The lesson is, when selling gold, not only is it important for you to know the differences between the types of gold jewelry you are selling but is equally or even more important for your gold buyer to know it as well so that you can get the highest price for your gold.

If you want to sell your gold or other jewelry, stop by Meriden Pawn Shop today and get the right amount of money that your gold or other jewelry is truely worth.